Avocado Smash Sandwich

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Kathy Pollard

Sandwiches are convenient and familiar. All a great one demands are a creamy spread, and crunchy veggies between hearty bread, and voilĂ : you have lunch!



Two slices of whole grain or sprouted bread

1/2 ripe, soft avocado

Seasoning spice

Assortment of 2 or more vegetables that can include:

Sliced tomato

thinly sliced sweet red or green pepper


lettuce leaf

shaved carrots

baby spinach

pitted olives

fresh herbs (parsley leaves, cilantro or dill)



1 or 2 slices of nut cheese or another vegan cheese, made without oil


Toast a couple of slices of hearty bread (toasting is optional)

Smach a quarter of a whole avocado on each slice

sprinkle with seasoning from a shaker

place plant cheese (optional) and pile veggies on top of one slice and carefully cover with other slices

Cut in half

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