Why Choose Sustainable Diet?

A Message from Lisa

After working with Micaela Karlsen on her book, A Plant Based Life, I made some modest changes in my diet. Then, I had a health scare which left me exhausted, thirsty and with other worrying symptoms. I switched to a largely plant-based diet--almost no meat and very little dairy--and the results were dramatic.

When Micaela and her business partner, Kathy Pollard, told me they were developing the Sustainable Diet program, I told them I'd love to be an affiliate and share the program with others, because I saw first hand how my diet affected my energy, health, moods and also my writing and creativity.

Are you ready to explore taking your diet and your life to the next level?

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level with clear thinking, vitality and vibrant creativity?

Find out what's possible through plant-based eating. Sign up to get the FREE 20+ page Plant-Based Starter Kit and Course Preview:

You'll get:

  • Inspiring video from our Sustainable Diet Program
  • Delicious healthy recipes
  • 7-day vegan plant-based plan for a family of four
  • Grocery and shopping list
  • Easy, healthy eating guide
  • Quick snack ideas
  • Best-of nutrition and cookbook list
  • Tips for being social while eating healthy

Sustainable Diet can you to help you get closer and closer to the life you truly want and even help create a foundation for your most powerful writing and creativity.



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