What People Are Saying

What People are Saying

Reba Dolch lost 25lbs and dropped her cholesterol 100 points! Hear what she has to say.


I was already on my plant-based eating journey when I heard about the Sustainable Diet program.  I was already convinced about the value of whole food plant based eating for health and vitality but what I desperately needed was continued encouragement, guidance, inspiration and accountability – exactly what I got from Micaela and Kathy.  First, they have gathered an unmatched faculty of doctors, scientists, nutritionists and chefs to provide in-depth education. They have given me access to the best and the brightest in the plant-based world!  Next, the Power Calls and the one-on-one sessions with Kathy helped me make this way of life, well, SUSTAINABLE. Specifically, they helped me set SMART goals toward meaningful change, encouraged me to keep a journal of my eating and exercise to identify patterns and make connections, helped me finally get organized about shopping and batch prepping, and inspired me with great recipes. Thank you Micaela and Kathy for helping me make lasting changes in my plant-based life.

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