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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one of the most affordable, and the most fun, ways to provide fresh, and often organic produce to fuel your plant-based diet. Buying a CSA share means buying a portion of the season's harvest directly from the farmer, which means less cost and time spent in transport, more money supporting the local economy, and the benefits of feeling a sense of ownership in the farm.

Farmshares are usually picked up weekly by members at the farm or a pickup site, and some have a delivery option too.  Some farms require a work or volunteer committment, others do not. Most CSA last at least 4 months, sometimes longer depending on the growing climate. There are more and more CSA farms in the United States, and the nonprofit LocalHarvest.org maintains a database of local farms across the country. Thanks to LocalHarvest, buying fresh, local produce is easier than ever.

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