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Founded by Micaela Karlsen, PhD, MSPH, and Kathy Pollard, MS, our goal is to empower YOU to lead the healthiest, fullest, happiest life possible, by supporting you through a challenging dietary transition and beyond. It is possible for each one of us to take control our health, and we have complete confidence that you can be successful – confidence that is grounded in scientific evidence and precedent. We serve individuals at all points of the plant-based spectrum.

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  • Healthy and sustainable eating naturally go hand-in-hand.
  • We use strategy to support your journey to better health.
  • Learn from top experts in the field of plant-based nutlrition.
  • You can do this and we believe in you!
  • Forget dieting; lifestyle is permanent empowerment.
  • Eat with ease
  • Live with confidence
  • Online Courses
  • It's easier than you think. Start now with our 12-week self-study course. Learn how to shop, cook, plan meals, and make it easy.


What Our Clients say!

"Since starting the program seven months ago I've lost over 25 pounds and reduced my cholesterol by 100 points. Thank You Sustainable Diet!"


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